Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing operations require regular start-ups, shutdowns and centerlining of manufacturing equipment. The paper forms used to document these checks quickly pile up, and become forgotten. Trends and issues discovered in these checks, if seen over time,  can make the difference between a smooth manufacturing run and piles of wasted product.  Using AuditMatic instead of paper logs, discrete manufacturers can

  • Drive operators, regardless of experience, through following best practices while they manage the production equipment
  • store collected data  to provide the visibility required  to take informed action to reduce waste and downtime.
  •  Use “smart’ inspecction forms to ensure that  internal and customer product specifications are met.

AuditMatic can provide the tools to make trends and common issues in equipment checks and product quality inspections reportable and actionable. Read the use cases below for more detail, and call us  or to discuss your application with our subject matter experts.

Uses for AuditMatic in the Discrete Manufacturing Industry

  • Equipment start-up, shutdown and center-lining checklists

    Trouble-free production runs begin with ensuring that manufacturing equipment is properly setup. AuditMatic is used by discrete manufacturers to lead operators through regular Process Setting checks. Optimal process settings can be displayed within AuditMatic, based on the product SKU being run. If observed settings are outside nominal operating conditions, the operator can be lead through standard operating procedures to bring the process back under control. E-mail or text message alerts can be sent to production management and maintenance personnel to make them aware of issues, and speed response time. 

  • Product Quality Inspections

    AuditMatic is a powerful tool for collecting product quality attribute data. AuditMatic can pull attribute targets from master recipe databases, and provide automated scoring of attribute data as it is entered into an AuditMatic form. Reference images can be embedded into AuditMatic forms to display “perfect” product targets.

    Upper and lower limit, bulls-eye and other scoring schemes are also supported, and all collected data and associated scoring is stored in the AuditMatic database for easy reporting and export to back office systems.

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Audits

    Legacy HSE inspections and audit methods use clipboard and pen methods of observation and manual report genertion. Using AuditMatic, HSE inspections become faster, more thorough and the data collected is more easily analyzed and distributed. AuditMatic can add capabilities that paper forms can’t, including:

    • Image capture
    • Bar code location verification to ensure the data collection route is followed
    • E-mail alerts to stakeholder when non-conformance’s are found
    • Dashboard charting to show trends and recurring issues
    • Auditamtic Task engine schedules data collection efforts, and ensures full compliance with the data collection schedule