Food Processing

AuditMatic provides food processors with a powerful tool for improving food safety, product quality and traceability data collection efforts while eliminating paper from the plant floor. View our video, and read the use cases below to understand how AuditMatic can help you:

  • Comply with FDA, USDA, GFSI, AIB and other regulations and guidelines
  • Lower product waste
  • Reduce consumer complaints
  • Reduce labor costs associated with paper shuffling

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Uses for AuditMatic in the Food Processing Industry

  • HACCP and Food Safety Audits

    AuditMatic is a HACCP data collection solution designed for non-technical users to configure and implement. AuditMatic gives you the flexibility to guide the inspector through the most simple data collection, or a branching, multi-layered logic heavy form.

    • Consistent Corrective Action AuditMatic can be easily configured to provide inspectors with reference documents and decision support logic when they encounter non-conformances. Accumulated best practices can be easily built into the AuditMatic data collection form to make every HACCP inspector act like your best and brightest.
    • HACCP Inspection Route Enforcement AuditMatic uses rugged handheld computers/tablets with barcode readers. AuditMatic can be configured to require inspectors to scan barcodes at critical control points along the inspection route, ensuring that the inspection route is followed and that inspectors visit each critical control point in person.
    • HACCP Schedule Compliance AuditMatic’s powerful task scheduler distributes data collection tasks to inspectors, and “rides herd” to ensure work is done in a timely manner. AuditMatic can send reminders to inspectors, and even escalate missed deadline alerts to managers when HACCP data collection falls behind schedule.
    • Compliance Scorecarding AuditMatic automatically generates process compliance scorecards in real-time without manual reconciliation to your production schedule, giving immediate feedback to stakeholders on HACCP schedule compliance and allowing hours of labor to be redirected to more productive effort.
    • Flexible Access to Data AuditMatic is a database driven application offering the latest in web browser reporting capabilities. AuditMatic can provide authorized stakeholders immediate access to years of accumulated inspection forms and insightful reports from their desktop web browsers as well as issue e-mail alerts when non-conformance issues occur, to ensure rapid and comprehensive corrective action.
  • Ingredient Traceability

    Many finished food products are made utilizing ingredients from outside suppliers. Capturing the lot numbers of all ingredients used in each batch and associating them with a finished product lot number provides traceability when vendors issue recalls, or when customer complaints are being investigated. Plant floor batch technicians can utilize the barcode or text entry capabilities of AuditMatic to collect lot numbers as batches are being blended. Data is stored in the AuditMatic database, and easily searched for using the AuditMatic reporting tools.

  • Product Quality Audits

    AuditMatic is a powerful tool for collecting product quality attribute data. AuditMatic can pull attribute targets from master recipe databases, and provide automated scoring of attribute data as it is entered into an AuditMatic form. Reference images can be embedded into AuditMatic forms to display “perfect” product targets.

    Upper and lower limit, bulls-eye and other scoring schemes are also supported, and all collected data and associated scoring is stored in the AuditMatic database for easy reporting and export to back office systems.

  • Pre-shipment and Document Reviews

    AuditMatic’s flexible Review workflow tool allows users to capture an electronic signature on reports, proving that designated reviewers have performed a required review. Auditmatic can support either one-step review workflows, or two-step review processes. Use AuditMatic to improve the workflow of:

    • Pre-Shipment Reviews
    • Document Control Reviews
    • QA Monitoring Verifications
    • Many more…
  • Pest Control Inspections

    AuditMatic will improve the speed, accuracy and effectiveness of pest control inspections. Rather than simply replacing paper, AuditMatic provides inspectors with powerful new capabilities, including:

    • Barcode tags to provide assurance that the inspection route was followed
    • Image, sketch and signature capture to provide a richer context in reports
    • stepping the inspector through best practices when  non-conformances are encountered

    Reports and charts can be created in AuditMatic to display both the content collected during rounds as well as the inspector’s adherence to the overall collection schedule.


  • Behavior-based Safety Audits

    A critical component to behavior-based safety initiatives is regular observational data gathering. These observational audits ensure that safety plans are being followed and that the plan can be adjusted to include common issues and hazards. By using AuditMatic handhelds or tablets to collect BBS observations, data is accumulated into a powerful database that can easily be charted and analyzed. Common safety issues across departments or facilities can be surfaced, feedback to workers can quickly be accomplished, and the BBS plan can be adjusted to reflect real world observations.