Process Manufacturing

AuditMatic provides process manufacturing operators and EHS inspectors with a mobile data collection tool that replaces paper-and-clipboard plant operator rounds and inspection forms with tablet or handheld computers. AuditMatic includes decision support tools that can display SOPs, and suggested best practices at the user’s fingertips when he encounter out-of-the-ordinary conditions. With AuditMatic you can:

  • Enforce timely and complete Operator Rounds
  • Ensure all operators follow non-conformance SOPs
  • Escalate non-conformances automatically
  • Export readings to your Plant Historian/ DCS

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Uses for AuditMatic in the Process Manufacturing Industry

  • Operator Rounds

    operator roundsAuditMatic will improve the speed, accuracy and effectiveness of operator rounds data collection. Rather than simply replacing paper, AuditMatic provides operators with powerful new capabilities, including:

    • Barcode tags to provide assurance that the data collection route was followed
    • Image, sketch and signature capture to provide a richer context in reports
    • Displaying instrument reading history trend data to the operator on the handheld
    • stepping the operator through best practices when  non-conformances are encountered
    • sending e-mail alerts to maintenance and management personnel for escalation of non-conformances
    • automated export of rounds data to Plant Historians and other back-end databases,eliminating transcription delay and errors.

    Reports and charts can be created in AuditMatic to display both the content collected during rounds as well as the operator’s adherence to the overall collection schedule.

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Inspections

    operator rounds

    Legacy EHS inspections and audit methods use clipboard and pen methods of observation and manual report genertion. Using AuditMatic, EHS inspections become faster, more thorough and the data collected is more easily analyzed and distributed. Auditmatic can add capabilites that paper forms can’t, including:

    • Image capture
    • Barcode location verification to ensure the data collection route is followed
    • E-mail alerts to stakeholder when non-conformances are found
    • Dashboard charting to show trends and recurring issues
    • Auditmatic Task engine schedules data collection efforts, and ensures full compliance with the data collection schedule
  • Electronic Operator Logbooks

    Control Rooms often use paper journals and notebooks for operators to make observations and notes during their shift. Incoming shifs must review these logs to be aware of unit conditions upon shift change. Using paper for this important process is prone to errors and omissions in the review work flow. Auditmatic can replace these paper books with a web-browser journal system. Using Auditmatic to replace paper logbooks ensures:

    • Journal entries are legible and complete
    • Data is accessible from any computer in the company
    • Access to log reports can be limited to authorized personnel
    • Incoming shift journal review is documented and verifiable.
    • Collected data is stored in a secure, backed-up database, less prone to loss or damage
  • Equipment Setup Checks

    Verifying that valves, vessels, pumps and other equipment are properly configured prior to production startups and changeovers is critical to worker safety and consistent product quality. AuditMatic can guide operators through equipment setup and changeover checklists, requiring confirmation via visual verification and barcode readings. SOP documents and equipment reference photos can be included in the handheld/tablet forms, giving operators the maximum support in making the right equipment configuration changes everytime.

  • Behavior-based Safety Audits

    A critical component to behavior-based safety initiatives is regular observational data gathering. These observational audits ensure that safety plans are being followed and that the plan can be adjusted to include common issues and hazards. By using AuditMatic handhelds or tablets to collect BBS observations, data is accumulated into a powerful database that can easily be charted and analyzed. Common safety issues across departments or facilities can be surfaced, feedback to workers can quickly be accomplished, and the BBS plan can be adjusted to reflect real world observations.