What is AuditMatic?

AuditMatic is a mobile-worker task management, data collection and decision support solution. AuditMatic replaces paper with handheld or tablet computers, enforces timely and complete data collection, ensures that best practices are followed by field workers and eliminates transcription into Plant Historians and other back-end databases.

Reduce downtime, respond to non-conformances, protect brand integrity and share best practices throughout the enterprise.

Please view this video for a brief overview of the AuditMatic solution, then call to discuss your application with one of our subject matter experts.

AuditMatic Features

  • Programming-free Configuration

    AuditMatic is a industrial data collection and reporting solution powerful enough to scale from a single user up to an enterprise-wide paper-form replacement system, yet is designed for non-technical users to configure and implement. An average user can expect to access their dedicated AuditMatic website, create and publish their first Forms, and build powerful Reports to analyze their captured data all within one day.

  • Handheld, Tablet and Browser Support

    Is your data gathered by workers “on the move” within or outside your facility, or is data gathered at fixed desktop or production line computer terminals? With AuditMatic both use cases can be covered.  AuditMatic can run on Windows Mobile handheld computers , Windows tablet computers or be accessed via the web browser of computer terminals in fixed locations.  A continuous network connection is not needed, since AuditMatic handhelds are self-sufficient between synchronizations with the Server. AuditMatic allows synchronization over wired, WI-FI or cellular (GSM / CDMA) data networks.

  • Powerful Form Features

    Besides handling simple Yes/No, list, and numeric answer types, AuditMatic also provides advanced form elements, such as:

    • Barcode Capture
    • Camera Capture
    • Signature capture
    • Intra-form math
    • Branching answer logic
    • Response Scoring and Grading
    • External Master Database synchronization for SKUs, equipment lists and others

    AuditMatic gives you the flexibility to guide the Form user through the most simple data collection, or a branching, multilayered logic heavy form.

  • Operator Decision Support and Reference Documents

    Provide operators with decision support logic that can lead them through corrrective action or escalation procedures when they encounter out-of-the-ordinary conditions. Embed reference documents, maps and images to provide context and asssistance. Issue e-mail and text message alerts to support and management personnel if need be and export data to back-end Historians and other databases.

  • E-mail and Text Messsage Alerts

    Conditional triggers can be set within AuditMatic forms to issue alerts to designated internal and external recipients via e-mail and text message when specified conditions occur. Alerts quickly inform recipients of the who, what, when, where and why of the situation. AuditMatic also keeps a audit trail of alerts sent and acknowledgements.

  • Plant Historian/DCS Data Export

    Use AuditMatic to regularly export data to your plant Historian. “Pushing” rounds-based data into your Historian from AuditMatic permits analysis and reporting of both instrumented and “clipboard” data in one place, maximizing the return on your Historian investment.


    • Makes “stranded assets” capable of being included in the Historian database
    • Allows manually collected  data to be combined with process data for reporting purposes
    • Eliminates transcription delays and errors

    Key Features

    • Intuitive interface allows you to easily assign Historian “tags” to readings made using AuditMatic
    • Industry-standard Process variable tag structure (Process Variable, Quality, Timestamp, aka VQT’s)
    • Runs automatically in the background


    AuditMatic Historian Export has been designed and tested to work with:

    • OSI Soft PI®
    • Wonderware Data Historian®
    • Wonderware InSQL®
    • GE Proficy®
    • Rockwell FactoryTalk® Historian


  • Task Management

    AuditMatic enables authorized users to assign one-time as well as recurring tasks associated with one or more data collection forms. Task assignees are notified when tasks become active. Automated deadline reminders and overdue notices are sent to field users automatically, taking the hassle out of managing large data collection tasks. Comprehensive task compliance reporting allows task administrators to monitor the progress of task completion, as well as create useful reports and charts to display the collected data results.

  • Reports and Charts

    Simply gathering field data electronically is not a solution in itself. Collected data must be analyzed and acted on to realize the productivity, quality and safety improvements that you want. AuditMatic allows your desktop web browser to become a portal to view meaningful reports and charts compiled from collected data, within moments of it being gathered in the field. Collected data can be sorted by almost any variable, including user, date, time, form element responses etc. The AuditMatic dashboard displays up-to-date line, bar and pie charts  the moment you login to the system.

  • Hierarchical Group and User Structure

    AuditMatic allows users to be placed in a hierarchical group structure ensuring that users in different departments or facilities can only access Forms and Reports relevant to them. To further refine user access control, users within AuditMatic can be given different levels of standard access within the hierarchy to control who creates forms, reports or administers users. Using access control lists and user defined roles, further refinement of data and application access can be created.

  • External Database Integration

    Lists in AuditMatic forms can regularly synchronize with master files in either external databases (via ODBC) or external Excel files. Whether the external data is an Asset list, a Product List, a Recipe, a People List, or any other, referencing that data is possible within AuditMatic via a barcode scan or a composite key filter. Once a particular record is selected, AuditMatic can populate values from that row in the source database or spreadsheet into an AuditMatic form as pre-answered questions. AuditMatic automatically syncs with changes in the Master database on a regular basis, which ensures the latest master database record data is always presented.